Why Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Split Up

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were, in my own humble opinion, the greatest comedy team in the history of show business.

I like Laurel and Hardy very much; I love the Marx Brothers and I idolize the Three Stooges, but there was something so electric about Dean and Jerry. It was a new concept, a fresh idea, teaming up a handsome, smooth, ultra-cool singer with a funny guy, his antithesis, his pesky kid brother- a monkey.

Somehow the mix worked perfectly.

Dean and Jerry were together as a team for 10 years, from 1946 to 1956, and although they existed as a team before I was even born, I have worshipped Martin and Lewis from day one.

I first saw them together in the 1956 movie Pardners, a comedy western, it was re-released in 1963 and I must have seen this film in that year. I remember my Uncle Harvey was with my dad as they picked me up from the Strand theater. I raved on about how great Dean and Jerry were and Uncle Harvey said, “They went pffft.” (Yes, he made that sound.)

I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, but of course, I do get it now. From 1949 to 1956, Martin and Lewis had great success in movies (the two made 16 films together and every one made a boatload of money.) They were also a hugely popular live act, touring the country to wild acclaim, in nightclubs and other live appearances.

Few realize it, but Martin and Lewis were the first comedy team to strike it big on television. Dean and Jerry periodically co-hosted a variety show called “The Colgate Comedy Hour” from 1950 to 1955, and the two were a huge ratings smash.

So with all this lucrative success, why did Martin and Lewis break up?

When Dean and Jerry did split in ’56, the commonly given reason was their respective work ethics.

Jerry was a self-acknowledged workaholic. He was a whirling dervish of energy (and raw talent) and he wanted to churn out more and more films, TV shows, and live appearances.

On the other hand, while Dean liked the work, he loved his golf. Dean only enjoyed working “so much”, then he liked to get out onto the links and tee off… a simple enough explanation for the breakup.

But pinpointing the reasons regarding such a split, like trying to surmise why any couple splits up, is usually not so simple.

It is usually not just one thing, more likely a compound of several factors, each one to a greater or lesser degree.

Reason Two Commonly Given For the Split Up: Jerry was “taking over” the act.

Although most people of our generation know Dean Martin as a funny, personable, talented singer, at the time of Martin and Lewis, he was basically thought to be a “fifth wheel”, a lucky guy who latched onto a multi-talented, brilliant comedian. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were thought of as “a nice guy straight man” with “a great comedian” who basically carried the act.

While Dean was fairly content to be a singer/straight man to Jerry, Jerry had huge ambitions. Jerry, admittedly, wanted to “make them forget (Charlie) Chaplin”. Even as early as the mid-1950’s, he was dreaming of not only being a comedy star, but branching out into directing, producing, writing, and many other fields.

The fact that Jerry Lewis was regarded as the “real star” of the act wasn’t the most pleasant news to Dean Martin. Contemporary reviewers would constantly rave over Jerry’s performances and generally dismiss Dean, often not even throwing him a bone.

Dean (as would almost anyone) developed a sour attitude about being Jerry’s partner, especially knowing full well that he was a great straight man and helped the act tremendously. (Jerry, to his credit, always acknowledged Dean’s contribution to their act, calling him a “genius” and “the greatest straight man in the history of show business’.)

Reason Three Commonly Given for the Breakup: Their wives.

Jeanne Martin and Jerry never really got along very well (Jerry and his wife Patti, were very close to Dean’s first wife, Betty, and when Dean divorced Betty to marry Jeanne, she claimed they gave her the “deep freeze”.) As Jeanne Martin was to admit, “Whether they admit it or not, two women can do more to drive two men apart [faster than any other factor].”

For instance, according to one source, late in their partnership, at a party, Dean made a crack about Patti Lewis’ morals before she’d married Jerry and the two almost came to fisticuffs.

Reason Four: Dean and Jerry developed different ideas about the act.

Early on in their movies and TV shows, Jerry tried to bring in more and more pathos, against Dean’s wishes. Like Charlie Chaplin, he wanted his character to be a sympathetic figure, the “little guy” you felt and rooted for.

In one sketch on their TV show, all the men in the bit find attractive women dance partners and dance with them, while Jerry is left alone to dance with a lady mannequin.

According to Jerry, “Dean just hated the bit.”

“Why don’t you cut out all this sad stuff and just be funny?”, Dean said in frustration.

Other minor incidents occurred, motivating Dean’s unhappiness. On the set of their 1954 movie “Three Ring Circus”, a group of young boys approached Dean.

“Hey mister”, they asked, “Where’s Jerry Lewis?” According to a witness, he never saw such a hurt look on a man’s face as he saw on Dean’s face that day.

The proverbial “last straw” came in 1956 when Dean and Jerry were scheduled to star in the movie “The Delicate Delinquent”. In the film’s script, Dean was to play a policeman. But Dean didn’t relish the idea of playing a cop and refused. “Then we’ll just have to get someone else”, said Jerry loftily.

“Start looking, boy!” said Dean as he stormed away.

Thus, the two who had made millions of dollars together and made the world laugh so richly broke up. I think Jerry Lewis said it best himself: “…the man said to the other man, ‘Those are beautiful shoes you’re wearing’. And the other man replied, ‘Yes, but I’m the only one who knows how much they hurt.’

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  • I must respectfully differ. As I was growing up, my parents tuned in to the “Dean Martin Show”. I found myself rather enjoying it, despite my youth. Dean had a sly, self-deprecating sense of humour that made him quite entertaining. Jerry Lewis movies, even as a kid, I found kinda stupid. Like some of the “class clown” wannabes in my school. Kids that don’t really get what humour is, and try to compensate by being increasingly louder and sillier to get attention.

    I was actually in my teens before I was informed that Lewis and Martin were once a team. I found this bizarre. Like discovering people once ate pizza covered in marshmallow sauce.

    • Tom

      That is the same way I always saw Lewis. Loud mouth and brash. I can’t believe Dean put up with that mouth for as long as he did. I wouldn’t last a week!

  • Penny Carroll

    I was the production singer at the Copa when Dean And Jerry appeared there Jerry was the more serious one. He ran things especially when Dean would disappear He was the bigger ladies man even when he was engaged to Jeanne Beavers

    • Dave

      Thanks Penny — interesting insight. 🙂

  • Eddie

    I agree with Murray. Some comedians think they have to be loud, brash and obnoxious to be funny. Dean could do it with a sly smile or a roll of the eyes.
    Unfortunately most modern comedians take Jerrys path rather than Dean’s. I, for one, don’t find them funny.

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  • Jake Lakota

    Jerry Lewis either never got Dean’s POV or didn’t care. Watch the video when Sinatra surprises them both and brings Dean on the stage at the MD telethon. Right off the bat it is very tense and then Jerry starts joking at Dean’s expense. Dean was clearly very uncomfortable. And the cocktail glasses were full of tea.

  • The reason for the breakup was Lewis was an egomaniac non-talented bum who got a break from Martin and felt he was something. Something bigger than Dean and Dean got tired of it and dropped him. Lewis never got over it, never did anything again other than show his ass in a telethon attempting to take credit for something and cash in on disabled people.

    Dean should have dumped Lewis after the first year but he made the right choice getting rid of the bum some years later. I doubt they ever spoke again. Lewis is still going on with bilking the disabled and attempting to get attention he has always been starved for but he’s never really earn a dime in his life. He has had money handed to him. Real pig.

    • Nana

      If you really knew what you were talking about, Jerry Lewis was involved with MDA in the early 50’s when the Martin and Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour was on tv. Don’t believe me? Research it!

    • Brent Butler

      I was never a fan of Jerry Lewis at his silliest, but this comment is really just ignorant. Lewis the top box office draw in Hollywood for years after the split, and to say that his MD Marathon was anything but generous just shows a level of foolish bitterness that I can’t imagine.

    • kevin hall

      they most certainly kept in contact from time to time and jerry was just as uncomfortable at the telethon when that dumbass Frank Sinatra brought them together for a surprise appearance

    • claude

      Very, very, very rude comments about Mr Lewis. Shame on you dean with a very small d

  • Tom Gisewhite

    In his book titled “Dean and Me” Jerry is very complimentary of Dean and his talents and contribution to their act. I think it is rather naive to dismiss Jerry as a non talented bum. Both men were comedic geniuses and complimented their act equally. That’s why it worked so well. They were a very fresh talent and combination never before seen, and both men went on to become very successful on their own. Was Lewis an egomaniac? Possibly, which he basically admits to having a lot of ego. Who wouldn’t after the success he had as a 19 year old? To this day he regrets the breakup, and he truly adored Dean as a “Big Brother”. Their legacy is secure both as Martin & Lewis and as individuals. TwoGreat performers.

  • I must respectfully disagree with Murray, Penny Carol,Eddie, and Jake Lakota. It was Jerry Lewis who was the star of the partnership, he was years ahead of his time regarding comedy which did not include violence or bad language.After the break up Jerry went on to write, produce,direct and star in many great comedic movies thus showing his commitment and versatility to his trade. Jerry is also great singer which he demonstrates in the movie ‘The Delicate Delinquent’. His cd ‘Jerry Just Sings’ is as good, if not better than any of Dean Martin songs. Jerry is truly named the ‘King of Comedy’ and in my opinion has not yet been equaled. Long may he reign

    • kevin hall

      oh c’mon jerrys songs arent nearly as good as deans.Deans voice is smooth as butter,never equaled except by Elvis presley in the late 50’s early 60’s

    • Dave

      I agree. 🙂

  • mike

    Dean is full of s*** Jerry Lewis went on to become an actor entertainer movie director movie writer movie producer and all of the above he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground Jerry Lewis is no bum Dean get your head out of your ass you obviously don’t know anything about the two

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  • Tom

    Mike, you nailed it.

  • Jimmy

    If Jerry Lewis even in his prime was appearing in my backyard I would close the window. He stopped being funny to most people over the age of twelve with his one joke “aren’t I silly fool act”. It was Dean who was the talent and became beloved. Jerry’s children tell us what a real ASS he was and still is. Frank Sinatra once was asked if he could be given one wish. His answer was “to sing Like Dean Martin”. Talent beyond belief and missed like hell…

  • Phil

    I really get so tired of everyone slamming slapstick humor. It never gets any respect. I for one love it. My favorite was Laurel and Hardy, but, growing up Jerry Lewis was the first one I would see with my father and to this day I will love Lewis for this. I have nothing against Dean Martin but I have always felt and hated that people in a way have made Lewis out to be a talentless shmuck and Martin as the respectable good guy in the break up. I do not know what happened, but, I think they were both great. I loved Lewis’s comedy and Martin was very talented and had a great voice. I just, personally will choose humor over being serious. I think it is great to be able to laugh at yourself.

    • cynthia landis

      I live jerry i think Dean was jealous of Jerry .i have seen all his move movies and fir the mda ge put all he had into that. He called them his kids and his children he is the best him and Lucy live them both so much

      • TAK

        What language are you attempting to write? What the heck are you trying to say?

      • kevin hall

        I gotta tell You all.I love Jerry.He was an idol to me.HOWEVER.I have enough sense to where it irritates me how Jerry always was disruptive or interupted Dean all the time i should say.Had to be the main center of attraction.But he did love Dean.

  • Chris

    Dean Martin had said the main reason for the split (from his standpoint) was the direction of the Martin and Lewis movies. Increasingly, Martin felt he’d only have to show up, say his lines, sing a few songs, while Jerry did the comedy. He’d called the movies “awful” which is sad because in retrospect the 16 Martin and Lewis films, while not as riotous as their nightclub act, were all slickly produce and entertaining.

    Also, I’m surprised to read all the Jerry bashing. Whatever the Jerry’s shortcomings, neither he or Dean ever trashed each other publicly. Check out the clips from YouTube showing the duo’s infamously crazed, hell-raising sketches from their TV appearances. There’s a palpable love and affection the two exhibit toward each other that’s somewhat missing from their movies.

    • kevin hall

      their movies were made by the same hack(hal wallis) as the 60’s Elvis movies.Some were great,some were bad.

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  • brianoh

    People try to find simple answers to situations such as Lewis was a bum or Martin was a bum. To me, it’s a bit like Lennon and McCartney and who was the better Lennon or McCartney. It was neither, it was together. Both Lewis and Martin were brilliant – together and separately. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to like them both equally. Did they both have faults? Who doesn’t? Lewis is a bit of an over the top egomaniac (IMO), but that doesn’t reduce his brilliance when he did have it – writer, director, actor, singer, producer, comedian, entertainer. Martin – actor, singer, comedian, entertainer. Both extremely successful both together and separately.

    • Alicia

      I totally agree! Both were great individually and together. I believe Dean wanted to do more, something different with his career. The same way singing duos or groups breakup. The Lennon and McCartney analogy is excellent. Jerry Lewis humor wasn’t for everyone, but as a kid, I remember it was most exciting to know one of his films were coming on. Today, I’m not into physical humor, but Jerry Lewis, Pink Panther – Peter Sellers were very funny guys of that era! Dean Martin was just that cool guy, so entertaining, very funny, very talented, and a very strong dramatic actor as well! To call either guy a bum is belittling and unnecessary.

  • Paul

    Peanut Butter is great. Jelly is great. But pb&j incredible. Get my meaning?

  • angel

    My comments is they were Great.both of them they had their problems as all of Us but I love them both and will never knock any body down..we all have our favorites. But i love them both…and I am so glad to watch them act…..Dean rest in peace. You are always remember. .Jerry lewis. We love you…Great Great actors…..

  • Michael

    I agree with three previous comments. I grew up in the 50s on the streets of Queens, NY. As kids we argued over who was the best singer, pitcher, batter, anything and everything, but there was unanimous agreement that Martin and Lewis were the gold standard of comedy (we used rougher language, of course). Their breakup, followed by the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn marked the end of my childhood; the dawning of adult cynicism. Luckily, as I turned 12, I discovered that girls could go a long way toward filling those voids. Back in the early days of television, the Colgate Comedy Hours which were hosted by Dean and Jerry were the highlight of each month. There were no reruns that I remember, so it is hard to recall specific skits. I know I can buy a dvd but I’m honestly afraid to risk it. Can a man in his sixties relive what made him laugh until it hurt when he was 10 years old?

    Dean and Jerry were not “just” the greatest comics of their time, but they were the greatest ENTERTAINERS. They could sing and dance and act. If there is one movie scene on your bucket list, you could do no better than Jerry’s stairway scene (in Artists and Models) with young, fresh, Shirley MacLaine. Yet Dean was the glue that made that movie a masterpiece. Later years proved that each of Dean and Jerry was a great entertainer in his own right. But together they were a whole much greater than its parts. Interestingly, the only other group of entertainers whose presence on stage seemed to define the word synergy was when Dean teamed up with Frank and Sammy. Common denominator? A man named Dean Martin. Can you imagine the four of them on stage together? Did it ever happen? Not to my knowledge.

    Bless you Jerry Lewis! Live long and prosper my friend whom i’ve never actually met.

    • kevin hall

      are you sure ur not talking about the staircase scene in the jerry lewis movie CinderFella?

    • Linda Kilbride

      Yes, a collection of ‘The Colgate Comedy Hour’ is available. What risk are you taking? They’re not expensive. If you’re worried about the money, rent it out to your friends until you recover the cost. I picked up mine from a bin at WalMart – $5. Or are you afraid you won’t laugh as wholly as you did at 10. It would still bring back lovely memories

  • BigGuy

    It was a handshake partnership. It was the most expensive divorce in history. The split cost them $100 million each — about $1 billion in today’s dollars.

    Why didn’t they breakup earlier? More than anything else because of commitments to perform at night clubs controlled by the mob. Had they broke those commitments, one or the other or both would have been killed.

    They initially did not know how well they were doing; they just knew that if the CopaCabana wanted them back week after week and that it’d be unwise not to show up. “No one knows” where all the cash went for the first years of the act, but there was an awful lot. At the Paramount Theater in Times Square in 1946, they performed 6 to 8 shows a day to capacity. The gate was running over $25,000 a day, over $200,000 a week. Inflation adjusted, they sold more than $2,500,000 in tickets per week — more than any Broadway show has ever made per week — for more than three months.

    In interviews, Jerry Lewis has said and has written in his book about their relationship that there are plenty of comics, but very few excellent straight men, and of excellent straight men who can also come up with great ad libs there’s only been one — Dean Martin.

    • Linda Kilbride

      Did somebody have a great big plate of melodrama for breakfast this morning? Settle down there, cowboy! Although I do appreciate the writing skills. Perfect English, spelling and grammar. Ridiculously rare these days

  • R. Hill

    As a kid growing up in the 50’s/60’s, I never cared for Jerry Lewis, but LOVED Dean Martin–his singing, movies and TV show–LOVED him. As a kid I always felt JL was making fun of mentally handicapped people. The kids in my neighborhood all thought he was hilarious, but I never cared for him or his movies, until I saw him play a serious role. He really was a very good actor. Dean was great in every way. To this day, I still listen to his music and watch his movies. Sons of Katie Elder is my favorite! John Wayne, Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum all together? Who could NOT like it?! Jerry was a fabulous businessman and new what he was doing; the schmuck comedy definitely made him money. I read his book and felt he was very honest about everything, including the dumb comedy he did. As he put it in the book: “Most people laughed politely, a few were rolling over in their chairs.” There is something for everybody, but Jerry Lewis just wasn’t for me.

    • Pete

      John Wayne, Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum were never in a movie together.
      Robert Mitchum was not in Sons of Katie Elder
      John Wayne was not in 5 Card Stud
      Dean Martin was not in Rio Lobo, though it was virtually the same movie as Rio Bravo

  • Angelo padovan

    Both were great entertainers. However, I think Martin just tired of the same formula in every movie and night club performance. He sought out better roles in film and took some risks that paid off huge dividends for him. Then when he had a chance to do television, audiences took to his easy going persona and clever wit. Of the two I think Martin fared slightly better post break up. Not to take anything away from Lewis, but the quality of his films waned by the latter part of the sixties and early seventies. Both I consider to be brilliant in their own ways.
    And, just so that its clear, Martin was also very much part of the MDA with Lewis early on. A fact that I was unaware of until recently.

  • Stephen

    Chalk it up to creative differences and a lot of other things. People move on and change. Both men were growing and changing. Maybe the comedy duo got tired of doing the same ole things, over and over. They started getting on each others nerves. The country was changing. Entertainment was changing. Lewis was determined to flaunt his artistic tastes. Martin wasn’t sure where he was headed, but he felt the same kind of restlessness to do something “else.” We, John Q Public, wanted them to go on forever, because it suited us. But, they had different ideas. The breakup was probably worse for us than for them.

    Jerry went on to produce and act; He seemed driven by his ideas and such. Martin was part of this Rat Pack thing. He needed diversions to feel whole. But, it’s hard to tell which was the diversion for Martin-the Pack or the movies and specials he did. For Sinatra, the singing and the album recordings were probably the main thing. I always felt Martin was looking for something. Lewis wanted to convey in his antics that he found that “something” and wanted to hurl his discovery at the unsuspecting and tickle-boned world. Sometimes personality differences or even more seriously, different “cognitive styles,” or “thinking styles,” can’t be overcome.

    • richard okunak

      I don’t believe it was all that. What I have found, thru research, and it is documented in Jerry Lewis’s interviews, is that Jerry wash ths “pusher”, in that he wanted to keep going the team in the “popular” direction, which was also a side note that he wanted to remain the “main” attraction” in the act, which again, Dean recognized and began to repell against. Dean knew and thru his intuitive days in Stubenville OH, felt he would contine to play the second fiddle, if not worse. He had to get out…….even if he failed on his own, he felt he seen what may happen, and he needed to again go out on his own. Remember, if you will or do, Martin was actually moderately successfull without Lewis until they teamed up, and became the smashes they became. Lewis was nothing before Martin, I believe that was always in Dean’s mind once they teamed up and the critics started to hammer Dean.

    • Alicia

      Wonderful appraisal of their split! When you look at how both went on to have very long and rewarding careers, we know the lack of talent wasn’t the problem for either artist, more like you stated, “creative and personality differences.”

  • richard okunak

    Well, just wrote and lost what I thought was a nice bit regarding Dean and Jerry’s break-up. To sum up, Jerry was 10 years younger than Dean, and perhaps more ambitious. Dean, just got fed up with hearing how great Jerry was and wanted to break away and do his own thing, knowing damn well he could. So there you have it, not that big of a mystery. Both men did fantastic on their own, had they not have split back then, probably would have faded away, since comedy and tastes do change. Would love to see a REAL movie based on Dean Martin’s life. Everyone pretty much knows the story about Sinatra, not much really known about Martin however. It has been written that Sinatra actually idolized Martin, not so much for the singing, but because of the way the man carried himself. And, it was known that he was the only one not to tolerate ANY [email protected] from Frank. Would’nt this make a great movie?? I’ll write it……….contact me!

  • Frank Martel

    I was the security for Jerry Lewis and his crew when they are in Fort Lauderdale making a movie called Hardly Working and I will tell you that I never met a more obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, and foul mouth person in my life. he slam the door on young man sitting in a wheelchair they wanted to talk to him while he was in his trailer and said don’t bother me I’m having my lunch. This happened while we were making the movie and this happened and Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale so don’t brag about Jerry Lewis you may be right about his on screen acting but he is not nice in his off screen private life. He met his wife in Fort Lauderdale she was a dancer in the lounge. So I never wanted to be around him from that day on. Attitude towards this young man was painful as Lewis yelled that he was having lunch and not to bother him, and slammed the trailer door in his face. I was upset by the look on the boys face.
    I don’t wish Mr Lewis any harm, however Dean Martin was a very sociable person if you ever met him in person like I did but not Jerry Lewis and thats the truth Do not be fooled by his antics he’s a selfish individual and that’s what I had to get off my chest in and its the truth sorry I don’t wish Lewis any harm however I will never view any movie’s or shows if Lewis is in the show
    Sorry to bust anyone’s bubble, but the truth has to told about Jerry Lewis.

    • Linda Kilbride

      I have always been a fan of both, but I believe every word you say. Way too detailed and personal to be a made-up story. Maybe I didn’t need to know this information – kind of sullies my heart. But I am grateful to know the truth. Thank you.

  • Jerry Perchesky

    Jerry Lewis, as I knew him. was the most egotistical,
    pathetic,rudest human being i EVER met. He wanted to be more talented than Charlie Chaplin. What a joke! How gentleman Dean stayed with him for ten years was financial ONlY. And though they were great together…no pair will ever surpass Laurel and Hardy!!

    • kevin hall

      huh…well when me and my wife met him while he was on tour in 1989 he was warm,smiling,polite and there werent tons of cameras around so it was just a personal meeting w/ strangers,fans i should say..He was on opiates during that time youre talking about or maybe having a damn bad day.You dont know what was going on w/ him at that time.

      • Linda Kilbride

        Anybody can have a bad day

  • cynthia landis

    jerry is number 1 in my book.

  • Ross

    Putting Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis together is like placing two giant leaders to run the same country. Churchill and Roosevelt acted together in World War ll, but the act had to go separate ways as both went on to make historical success in their own individual countries. When you put two giants together eventually one has to lead and the other follow. Usually, they split and both become leaders.
    I think they were very good together and just as good apart. However, we will never
    know how big this empire would and been if these two dynamic leaders would have stayed together. However, I think they were both happier since they both got to do what they do best—lead!

  • Ron Wade

    The best thing that ever happened to Dean was the split up with Jerry. He was one of the greatest entertainers ever. There will never be another Dean Martin.

  • hairless

    Both these gentlemen were absolute icons in the entertainment world. As a kid of the 60’s Jerry Lewis movies were pretty funny (the Bellboy and Cinderfella to name a couple). Lewis was a harder worker than Dean Martin, but Martin was one of the coolest personalities Hollywood ever new. Going out on his own did a lot for an already great carrier. Some of his movies, Rio Bravo, 5 Card Stud, Airport, and the Matt Helm Secret Agents movies while not Academy Award winners, still very entertaining. Don’t think he would have made those type of films if he and Jerry Lewis remained a team. Martin’s TV show and his “Roasts” were classics too. It was so sad when his son died and Dean became so reclusive. Martin certainly had his faults, as we all do, but he was an absolute entertaining icon we should never forget. Lewis certainly has his place in history as well. Congrats to both.

  • john drew

    if you watch every interview there is with Jerry Lewis, an unbiased person would eventually conclude Lewis has been an egomaniac, often revises history and often talks off the top of his head.

    For example in a David Susskind interview, it’s on youtube, he’s talking about how he doesn’t have “yes” people around him, how they can be critical of him and then goes on to say in the same breath that they all take on his persona and how when he’s happy they’re happy………and of course vice versa. how it’s important for him to educate himself in other people’s jobs so he can help them do them. he seems quite desperate in many interviews to convey how nice and great a guy he really is.

    I can easily believe he was unnecessarily rude and even mean to people.

    His star exploded at 19, others’ have too and they didn’t turn out to be jerks but perhaps they are the exception. It’s not only hard to keep your head, but also to find out and learn about life in a normal way at that age under those circumstances.

    At 19 i was trying to figure out how to pay my car insurance, how to talk to girls, how the heck was i going to get by in life. things like that teach humility, they make and keep you humble. I don’t know i wouldn’t have turned into a jerk if the world was at my feet at 19, for all i know i may have anyway.

    During those ten years they were together, Martin had to deal with a teenager who was developing into a man and who’s head is swelling at the same time. After awhile most people in those shoes will say “that’s enough” as apparently Martin did.

    Dean was 29 when it all broke open for him. He knew more about life and himself by that time, he struggled at lot more and thus was more grounded in handling stardom.
    who knows how Dean would have developed had he, with those looks, become a star at 19. Maybe along the lines of Sinatra, maybe worse?

  • Graham

    I was a kid in the fifties and sixties. Felt Jerry Lewis was never given his due as a comedic genius. And shocked he was never given recognition by Jim Cary as an influence.

  • Jim

    I don’t see this as an either or, I liked both of them. Like any partnership it is hard to maintain over time especially with so many competing demands professionally and personally. Like Paul McCartney said the Beatles had been together since the 1950s when they “broke up” in 1970 it wasn’t like an overnight decision. People get married have kids, life changes goals change and people move on. If they had been actuaries maybe they could have spent their whole careers together.

    Jerry was drop dead hilarious until about the time of puberty and then Dean Martin became the man every 13 year old guy wanted to be. Dean had the top rated TV show, song and movie all at once. Jerry dedicated himself to MDA for which he deserves all the credit he has gotten and more. The way the MDA treated him at the end was disgusting. Jerry pursued his interests in filmmaking both on the screen and technically.

    Late in their careers Frank Sinatra planned a “classy” tour with Dean and Sammy Davis, Jr. as a sort of victory lap for their careers. Dean wanted to wisecrack and have fun like always. Sinatra really thought he was the chairman of the board and replaced Dean with Liza Minnelli.

    When Dean was broken by the death of his son Deano Jerry called to comfort him and they talked on many occasions. Sinatra never called.

    The one posting disagreement I will note is Lynn O’Neil’s comment on Lewis’ singing. Sorry Lynn, but Jerry Lewis couldn’t carry a tune if he was holding sheet music and walking down the street.

    • Linda Kilbride

      How on earth can anyone know if Sinatra and Martin spoke after the death of Deano? Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were very close friends. Other than immediate family, and maybe not even then, nobody can know how much they relied on each other. It is positively disgusting for anyone to make such an ignorant statement.

  • A very good reason for Dean to part ways was those last movies, the slaps he got were quite real. Their last TV appearance is on Youtube and I’m sure Dean was thankful it was their last.

    Jerry said a lot about Dean in the past and made out they were soul mates after Sinatra got them back together, but Jerry was no more than an acquaintance to Dean, and there was no two hour phone call which Jerry claims.

  • Princetonian

    I grew up as a kid in Pacific Palisades, CA. Jerry Lewis was our neighbor, and he was on of the first in the entertainment community to discover Pacific Palisades. This was in 1958-1962 when we lived a neighbor. I can tell you there was a child with muscular dystrophy on our street, and Jerry visited him quite often. I dont care what anyone says, I saw with my own eyes the enormous amount of empathy he had for this child. He was a great man

    • Keifus~

      I agree with ya on his soul but my story is a little different, I had the pleasure to have worked with him on a TV show called Sea Quest, he directed a few episodes and i had a change to meet him in the office and ask him for a picture and what came out of his mouth, he basically cursed me out but not at me, he was just being funny but that was the last thing i thought would have come out of his mouth, You could tell he was a great soul and he was fun to shoot with, we had a few good weeks together, real class act.

  • Peter Samish

    Does any of this really matter? Both were / are very talented individuals in their own right. They teamed up, theatrically supporting each other, which is evidenced by their success. They split up and went their separate ways, as partners sometimes do. Why this happened should be of no concern or the business of anyone, other than the two involved. Martin & Lewis made a lot of people laugh, individually and as a team. That’s what they wanted to do. That’s what they did. Leave it at that.

    • Tim Smith

      Without the judging, not all, but some people enjoy wondering how life was behind the scene. Its fascinating for me anyway. Peace.

  • Gary

    Both men were extremely talented in different, complimentary ways. Jerry was extremely driven, type A+. Dean was laid back. Their evolution into two paths was inevitable and obviously both were wildly successful. We should appreciate the entertainment value both these men provided us.

  • Dave

    There’s nobody like these two today. I would rather watch their old stuff than the most of the “stuff” that’s on today. Today, the entertainment industry depresses me with the personalities and content. I will watch their old movies and and comedy skits to cheer me up when I can’t find anything good on prime time. Thanks for the laughs Martin and Lewis.

  • Mike B.

    Both these guys were great. Dean was the essence of “cool” and was good in comedy, drama and had a marvelous voice. Jerry was a master of physical comedy and imitation. The chemistry they had together was special and really not something that has been equaled since. Watched “The Caddy”, the other night and smiled and laughed throughout the whole thing. If you listen to Jerry Lewis in any interview, he constantly credits Dean for his contribution to the act. His reverent tone and glowing praise about Dean are touching. We are all blessed to have seen these two remarkable performers in our lives.

  • Clay

    I had read somewhere that when Dean Martin did his show, he would go in on Sundays & film his parts. He seldom went in during the week, unless it was absolutely necessary to do a scene with a guest. (I do remember him introducing guests, but not much interaction with them)
    Like others have said, Dean wasn’t interested in the behind the scenes stuff like Jerry was. Jerry wanted to learn about anything he could. Dean wanted to ride the fame train, & hang out with the “Rat Pack”.

  • Lindy Bone

    Loved ’em. But I could see how Jerry Lewis would get on anyone’s nerves after a while. He had a big ego and was a bit on the schmaltzy side.

  • p. nile schwartz

    Based on reading Kliph Nesteroff’s book and similar things, it seems that Jerry was mostly egotistical, insufferable and unpleasant to work with. Just a huge and out of control ego. When he got his own show (and renamed it from Colgate hour to the Jerry Lewis show), he had no real plan or ideas, and it went off the air quickly, but not before he’d spent tons of studio money fixing up the theater, etc.

    Sounds like Jerry and Jackie Mason are two that just aren’t that highly thought of, in terms of being pleasant to work with.

  • Ronnie

    I read Jerry Lewis most recent book and he basically took credit for all of Dean’s success both with him and apart from him. You could tell that he felt he made Dean.

  • 0ldgrunt

    What the hell did Jerry Lewis accomplish after Dean? Nothing but a fund raising show. Martin had all the talent and success.
    Jerry just bombed. How many movies did he do with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Marylin Monroe, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Cliff, Frank Sinatra, Shirley McClane and a whole lot more. How many comedians did he work with like the Rat Pack that was actually better than Dean and Jerry stuff. How many long running tv shows? How many bang up Carson shows that Dean participated in? How many number one hits? On and on and on and on.

    Jerry Lewis was a pygmy beside Dean Martin.