Some Women Do Have Adam’s Apples

Myth: Women Don’t Have Adam’s Apples. In fact, it’s actually not that terribly uncommon if you were to look close enough to most women’s throats, though “man sized” Adam’s Apples are somewhat rare in women. The “Adam’s Apple” is really just an enlarged larnyx which becomes big enough to be visible in your neck. For those of you who don’t know, the larnyx’s primary purpose is as a voice box. It also has an alternative purpose in aiding in the process of closing off the airways in your throat when you swallow. This is why it generally seems to disappear when you swallow, as it is being pulled upward to aid in this process. Around puberty, both men and women’s voice boxes get bigger. This in turn makes their voices deeper, with men’s larynges growing more than women’s and thus making for a deeper voice, typically.

Sources and Why the Adam’s Apple is Called the “Adam’s Apple”

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  • I’m female I have a man sized adam’s apple but I don’t have a deep voice. Why do I have an adam’s apple this big? T^T

    • So do I…I have also wondered if this was a normal thing. Due to many have mentioned it. I unfortunately am unable to change this part of me. I do not have a lower voice either so any info would be greatly appreciated

    • can you show some pictures?

  • Well ladies, us guys use the Adam’s Apple to distinguish between a real female and a Tranny.
    Not saying this is correct, but just letting you know the truth.

    Lois, you have 2 strikes against you..
    You have a Deep Voice, and a large Adam’s Apple so more than likely, men will think you’re a Tranny.

    Good Luck Ladies.

    • And what, exactly, is wrong with being transgender?

    • And more than that, why do you assume that everything revolves around a man finding a woman sexually appealing? I think you need a reality check, mate – this is the 21st century, we women don’t need a man’s approval, and we certainly don’t need them to get off. Though technically, we never needed to begin with, but it’s actually culturally accepted, now. Get your head out of your butt. Men and women are equal.

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