Mr. Rogers Swam Nude at Public Swimming Pools on a Daily Basis for Most of His Life

Mr. Rogers was a vegetarian.  He didn’t smoke or drink or seem to have any major vices.  He also stayed married to the same woman until his death; their marriage lasted 47 years.  About the only even slightly “scandalous” thing Mr. Rogers seemed to do, which he revealed in an interview, was that he swam laps completely in the buff nearly every morning of his adult life at various clubs that allowed nude swimming at certain times of the day.

Mr. Rogers Facts

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  • Swimming nude is just common sense. It just goes to show Fred was the sensible oldfashioned kind of Christian that we should all ascribe to be.

  • Okay, I’ll ask… why is swimming nude common sense?

    • If we are created in the image of God and God frowned on Adam and Eve for cowering over their nakedness; Then what do you think the dress code of heaven is? It would be a nuisance to wear clothing while we bath, therefore why do we wear clothing when we swim? It defies biblical instruction and common sense. Fred Rogers understood the obvious that most people ignore in many facets.

      • Okay, your secular arguments favoring nude swimming have their merits (provided done out of the sight of the public) but when you bring Bible stories to justify it, it rings much less true.

        In the first place (per Biblical interpretation consensus) Adam and Eve in their pre-fallen condition were as innocent as young children, having not yet disobeyed God and brought sin into the world. Read further into the narrative, however, and you’ll learn that, now that Adan and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit and in a fallen condition, their own perceptions changed, becoming now aware of the “good and evil” as the serpent spoke of.

        Do I believe this Biblical narrative as I described it? As a matter of fact, yeah, I do! Does it matter if I DON’T believe it? Nope! Even if a hardshell atheist, I’d still understand the elements in what I’d deem “mythological narrative.”

        • And of course, in the same narrative God Himself gave Adam and Eve garments to wear, after “their eyes were opened.”

    • Stuart Churchill-Hoyer

      ok … let’s be serious .. have you skinny dipped? I grew up in upstate new york and then moved to the coast of maine. whenever and wherever I, and those around me, could swim naked without fear of arrest we would take advantage of the opportunity. the sheer joy, freedom of movement, total sensation of the water totally around you …. why ISN’T swimming nude totally common sense???!!!

  • This is a myth dating back to a feature written about him in Esquire in 1998. He did in fact go swimming every morning. During the time the reporter (Tom Junod) spent with him one day they went to the pool together and Tom wrote about seeing him in the buff — in the CHANGING ROOM. Which is pretty normal. Somehow that got conflated into him skinny dipping in a public pool every day!