The U.S. Army Has Developed a Near Silent Version of Velcro

The U.S. army developed and uses a near silent version of Velcro on their soldier’s uniforms.  The version they use reduces the ripping noise by about 95% over traditional Velcro.  Unfortunately, you won’t see such Velcro for sale in the store anytime soon as the method of manufacturing this silent Velcro is currently classified by the military.  *scumbag military: uses taxpayer dollars to develop awesome practical product that would pose no danger if publicly released, refuses to share it with taxpayers.*


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  • I don’t like the *comments here* – I WANT the military to have secret technology. This particular one is for stealth… why would the public have a need for it? we don’t. If you feel you need to take off your shoes more quietly, use laces

  • I myself love the scumbag comment. Sure military can have secret technology, but velcro? C’mon. Why wouldn’t hunters have a need for silent velcro anyway?

    Sleeping bags not to disturb others sleeping, etc. I’m sure there’s a lot of uses for less noisy things.

    We spend enough fscking money on freaking military stuff already. Time some things that have public use could be shared. Or sell it, and lower taxes.

  • i’m with beaux on this one, i like our military with secrets no matter how little they are.

  • I agree with Beaux and Matt – keep ’em secret! Are you beau beaux?!

  • if the army uses quiet velcro on soldiers’ uniforms i must’ve gotten skipped… i don’t think i own anything in all of my military equipment that’s louder than the velcro on my uniform.. and the method for making silent velcro is no secret… they just make all the loops and fasteners face the same direction.. so when you pull the velcro apart the hooks slip out of the loops instead of ripping out

  • Military is making it difficult for hunters to be stealthy when killing deer and ducks to feed their family.

    Mothers who want to keep their babies from waking up, but also use hook-and-loop would benefit from stealthy touch tape.

    There’s many reasons for the military to let out what they have, but if they did, they’d probably end up with a bunch of suicide cases; military’s got a lot to hide, and silent tape is the least of their worries.