President Lincoln Originally Offered the Union Army Command to General Lee


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General Lee was offered the position of the head of the Union army by Abraham Lincoln, but decided to lead the Confederate army instead as he couldn’t bring himself to lead troops against his native Virginia.  Despite the Confederates being vastly outnumbered and not as well equipped as the North, Lee and his right hand man, Stonewall Jackson, managed to post victory after victory against the North, primarily due to Lee’s brilliance, Jackson’s audacity, and the North’s moronic Generals.

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  • Then they lost…

  • The Union generals weren’t morons, they were conflicted. Many were States Right’s advocates, some were ex-slaveowners or related to slaveowners, many wanted to let the Confederacy leave the Union. The Confederate generals were not as conflicted, fighting for their states, and what they viewed as their right to own humans. So the Union generals for fighting for a principal that not all of them had sympathy for, whereas the Confederate generals were fighting for themselves. In the end Lincoln found Grant, a brilliant general who also opposed treason and slavery.

  • I am a southerner and a states rights advocate, and I agree Lee, Jackson, Stuart, etc. were absolutely brilliant. The South was certainly out gunned, but to call the northern generals morons is unfair. Grant was an excellent general.

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