Toad is Flipping Us Off in Super Mario Bros

Today I found out Toad is flipping us all off in Super Mario Bros.  As if the cloud/bushes thing wasn’t enough, now this!  It’s all been a lie!



Shigeru Miyamoto

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  • I’ve seen this re-posted so many times. How do so many people have a hard time seeing that those are knuckles? He’s giving a thumbs down. The sprite doesn’t even make sense, otherwise. What is the protrusion at the bottom, if not his thumb?

    This makes all the more sense when you take the content of the screen into context.

    • You do understand that there are these things called jokes, whereby people will take situations and twist them around for comedic effect?

    • He is wearing a vest. So whatever the hell you are seeing that looks like a thumb pointing down is part of his tiny arm. also, the thumb would be on the other side if he were giving a thumbs down.

  • @Andy: It’s all a matter of perspective. I’ve seen some people that think it looks like he’s giving a thumbs up; you’re the first I’ve seen suggest it’s the thumbs down. I’ve always thought it looked like he’s flipping people off though.

    BTW, love the “enhance” to Shigeru Miyamoto. 🙂

  • Toad is flipping you off personally.

    • Toad is not flipping us off, If he was, this would be banned from US sales. Mario Bros. is rated E, if he was flipping us off, why would Mario be rated G?

  • It’s 8bit graphics…you can make anything out of that, lol… what do you expect?

  • Thank you. Really interesting article.

  • Well, That looks like my Middle Finger, Its Actully(or however people spell it) my thumb.

  • @Andy He was flipping you off, his fist is a 2X3 pixel, middle finger is 1 pixel the 2 pixels beside and under each fist is his shoulder (he is wearing a vest), and if you don’t believe me I am standing to his left, and programmers like jokes, especially when they take ages to under stand. Examples “Excel 95 Hall of Tortured Souls” easter egg, “GTA Hot Coffee minigame”

  • I think that it’s just a programming joke. But hey that’s just me.

  • He was not it was just a coloring error it was rated E, i know to take a joke, but ESRB does NOT lie. If they did it would be rated T.

  • I doubt that Toad is flipping the bird. Japanese people would not even know what that is, let alone what it means.

  • If that’s his middle finger than he has really stubby fingers. It’d make more sense it it were longer, as fingers are long. But then again, a toad with human-like fingers would be nightmare inducing. I think it’s Toad putting a thumbs up but because they dont want the fingers to be freakishly long, they decide to make it 1×1 pixels and not 2×1 pixels.

  • I mean I Know toad has some small hands so that leads to less pixel detail. But Really the art designers would not put that in unless it was T rated game, and Super Mario Bros. is the true definition of a game for each and everyone.
    Best wishes Sixpepper

  • Also the little pixel at the top could be his arm going up them down. and the thing near his vest is his fingers. I really think im on to something. I just started something Harcore Mario fans will spend long hours trying to figure out
    Best wishes you get through covid 19 Sixpepper

  • @Jet Toron As if his fingers are small we need Shigeru Miyamoto To answer this burning Question!!!

  • Meeeehhh… that’s just fuzzy perception… there’s not enough resolution to say one way or the other, so you interpret whatever you want it to be… remember “The Man on Mars” image Viking 1 took from Cydonia… once there was enough pixels on more recent images, that face was gone…