The Wise Book of Whys Addendum

The authors of the specific articles in The Wise Book of Whys are listed below, along with any corrections that have come to our attention.  If you have found a potential error or typo in the book not listed below, please email us here so we can correct it straight away.


Iuliia Glushchenko:

  • Why Bathing was Uncommon in Medieval Europe

Emily Upton:

  • Why We Have a Seven Day Week
  • Why Crazy People are Sometimes Called “Basket Cases”
  • Why We Christen Ships by Breaking Bottles of Champagne on Their Hulls
  • Why Ferris Wheels are Called Ferris Wheels
  • Why Dalmatians are the Traditional Dog of Choice at Firestations

Scott Hiskey:

  • Why We Divide the Day Into Seconds, Minutes, and Hours
  • Why Led Used to Be Added to Gasoline
  • Why a Gecko’s Feet Can Stick to Almost Anything
  • Why America is Called America
  • Why Beans Give You Gas
  • Why Chemotherapy Causes Hair to Fall Out
  • Why Multivitamins Often Make Urine Bright Yellow
  • Why Helium Changes the Sound of Your Voice
  • Why Voices Squeak During Puberty

Matt Blitz:

  • Why Mustard is Yellow

Noah Wass:

  • Why a Typical Workday is Eight Hours Long

Terynn Boultan:

  • Why People on Planes and Ships Use the Word “Mayday” to Indicate Distress

Jon Hiskey:

  • Why Lobsters and Crabs Turn Red When Cooked

Daven Hiskey:

  • All the rest of the articles in the book. 🙂

Typo Corrections:

None so far.

Other Corrections:

None so far.

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