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Ben Franklin’s Proposal of Something Like Daylight Saving Time was Written as a Joke

Today I found out Ben Franklin’s proposal of something like daylight saving time was written as a joke. In a comedic letter he wrote, An Economical Project (published in 1784), “to the authors of the journal of Paris”, Franklin mentions something like daylight saving time. Although, instead of changing clocks, he suggested ringing church bells and firing cannons, among other things, as […]

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Daylight Saving Time Almost Got an Innocent Student Arrested for Supposedly Making a Bomb Threat

##EMBED## In March 2007, an honor student in Pennsylvania was accused of threatening his school with a bomb.  It was later found he had actually called an automated school phone line to get information about class schedules;  someone else made the bomb threat exactly an hour later, but, due to Daylight Saving Time, the time seemed to match up to […]

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