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Where the Names of The Simpsons Family Came From


##EMBED## Click Here for Sources and More Interesting Simpson’s Facts Text Version Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, named many of the characters after his own family such as: Homer (his dad), Margaret (his mom), Maggie and Lisa (his sisters), and Abe (his grandfather).   His brother Mark was the inspiration for Bart.  He chose to name the character “Bart”, […]

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Just Desert


##EMBED## Click Here to Learn More about the Word “Desert” Text Version The word ‘desert’, as in “to get what is coming to you”, has been used in English since around the 13th century. This word, however, has fallen out of common usage and now, outside of the idiom “just desert”, is almost never used.

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Wiping Methods


##EMBED## Click Here to Learn Why Poop is Brown Text Version In India, rather than use toilet paper, it is typical to simply use your left hand. If you think that is bad, in Ancient Rome, a wet sponge on a stick was used.  That sounds all well and fine until you find out that that after being used, the […]

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