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Podcast Episode #36: Who was Mother Goose

In this episode you’re going to learn just who was “Mother Goose” and how a collection of children’s stories got attributed to “her”. We’re also happy to say that Squarespace is offering a 10% discount to all our listeners, which you can get by going to and signing up with the offer code: DailyKnowledge For those not familiar, Squarespace […]

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Podcast Episode #23: Beam Me Up, Scotty

In this episode, you’re going to learn about how “Beam Me Up, Scotty” became a popular phrase despite the fact that it’s never actually uttered in the original Star Trek, as well as a few other interesting Star Trek facts. [TRANSCRIPT] Don’t miss future episodes of this podcast, subscribe here: iTunes | RSS/XML You can also find more episodes by […]

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