The Forgotten Plague- DANCE MANIA!!!

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we skip the quick fact because this one took forever to research and put together and I ran out of time. 😉 Instead we jump right into the main topic which is a very real phenomenon that popped up off and on for several hundred years called Dance Mania or St. Vitus’ Dance. While it might sound like a bit of a joke, it was surprisingly deadly at times and had a fascinating cure.

We then look at the probable cause of this phenomenon, along with many other similar ones, including a couple in modern times, that all seem to have the same root.

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  • You have a click-bait to lure the unsuspecting (Me) or, idiots (anyone else, naturally), to an empty address?

    todayifoundout -on my first discovery of your site, that I don’t like having my time wasted – thank you for showing your ass early in the game.

  • Sonny Crockett’s boat he lived on in Miami Vice was called the St. Vitus Dance… Although I had to actually DRIVE to a library, to actually take a book and look it up, reading it off paper… Things that aren’t done today…(thanks to Google and Bing…)… Leaning in like 1985-86 about what the St Vitus Dance was. (It’s now the name of my van, which NO ONE knows the name today, except that I’m a DJ so they think it’s a rave or something…(rambling on like u guys, sorry…)


    Majik Mike