The Bull Moose Part 1

bull-mooseIn this episode of The Brain Food Show podcast, we discuss one of the more remarkable individuals in modern history- Theodore Roosevelt. In particular we look at that time he risked life and limb on what amounted to a “principal of the thing” matter, and another time he quite literally shrugged off a bullet to the chest to immediately after give an hour and a half long speech…

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  • I’ve been a subscriber to TIFO for a long time but I’m SO pumped that y’all are doing a podcast, but even MORESO that you’re doing one about a guy I’ve read three different bios about and several novels that he wrote!

    THANK you!

  • Hallo,

    I love your shows on Youtube and been listening to the podcast for about 2 weeks now. so a lot of catching up to do.

    I`m a native Dutch speaker and yes Roosevelt was correct about how we would pronounce his name. with the long O sound. I don`t know how to write the phonetic. but in translated from Dutch his name is a field of roses.

    Apologies for grammatical errors, like I said, not a native English speaker.