The Preposterous Pyramid (The BrainFood Show Episode 3)

In episode 3 of The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the fascinating origins of the Food Pyramid and why that is a horribly unhealthy way to eat (and why the USDA made it that way even though they knew well it wasn’t a healthy recommendation at the time).  We also discuss whether eating too much salt is actually bad for you or not, what actually is the difference between fruits and vegetables, and what ultra-scientifically grounded nutrition recommendations say we should eat.

Next up, we look at a great productivity tool, why clocks run clockwise, why grandfather clocks are called that, one of the great Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, and much, much more.

For some viewing materials for this one, please check out the Swedish Food Pyramid and the USDA pyramid. You can also view the Harvard Food Plate and the USDA’s Food Plate, as well as read through their general recommendations.

Our book recommendation for the day is either Bigger, Leaner, Stronger (for guys) or Thinner, Leaner, Stronger (for girls) both written by a guy named Michael Matthews and both ultra-science based, easy reads on proper nutrition and exercise and how to do both as easy and enjoyably as possible. Very much cutting through many of the myths and misconceptions out there, generally put forth by fad diet creators and the like. It turns out proper nutrition and efficient exercise really isn’t that complicated.

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(You can also discuss this episode and view references on The BrainFood Show forum here.)

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  • Pocket casts is a very good app for podcasts on Android. On Android YouTube can play in the background.

    In essence, moderate! It’s insane how convoluted this is.

  • Oh for God’s sake get on with it. Why do all you podcasters think you can waffle on for ages about garbage … one star is one to many. Goodbye.

  • A really well informed podcast. I’d give 5 starts but I don’t listen on any platform apart of your website.
    Just one thing – every time you say “girls” I keep thinking you are talking about teenagers, maybe using the word “women” is a better option.