The Fascinating Origin of Pong and Atari + Interview with the Creators of Quest for Glory and the Upcoming Hero-U (The BrainFood Show Episode 4)

In episode 4 of The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the fascinating origin of Atari and the game that more or less gave birth to an industry- Pong. Next up, we talk with award winning computer game designers Lori and Corey Cole, most notably creators of one of the greatest game series in history, the groundbreaking Quest for Glory (which you can find on GOG if you’re wanting to play them), as well as the highly anticipated upcoming Hero-U – Rogue to Redemption.

During the conversation we discuss such things as how to make a good Kickstarter, as well as how to become a computer game developer. They also give a behind the scenes look at developing computer games, talk a little about what it was like working at Sierra in its glory days, give some phenomenal life advice, and much more!

We wrap up the podcast discussing how YouTube should solve the issue of integrated ads being shown to YouTube Red subscribers.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Coles’ new game Hero-U or want to learn more about the game, go check it out here.

And if you want to listen to one of the funny things they had John Rhys-Davies saying in Quest for Glory 4, check out the scene with the Rusalka mentioned in the podcast.

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