Today’s Brain Teasers: Though Big My Belly…

Special thanks to Justin V. from North Carolina for the idea to start putting up brain teasers on TIFO

brain teasersThough big my belly, long my nose,
And with one arm I strut;
I make the fair their foes expose,
And keep my own mouth shut:
Before me they their secrets tell,
The news of all the day;
And for my silence I’m fed well,
But empty sent away.

What am I? (click here for answer)
A teapot

What English word has has three consecutive instances of double letters?

(click here for answer)

While tears fall down, behold how gay,
How beautiful my dress;
Not Flora in the month of May
Does greater joy express,
And as on her the short-liv’d pride,
Sol’s friendly beams bestow,
So I my charms, extended wide,
To the fame patron owe.

What am I? (click here for answer)
A Rainbow

What force and strength cannot get through
I with a gentle touch can do;
And many in the streets would stand,
Were I not, as friend, at hand

What am I? (click here for answer)
A Key

What’s white after you’re done with it, black when you buy it, and red when you’re using it?

(click here for answer)
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