Today’s Brain Teasers: Many Who Make Me are Chased

brain teasersMany who make me are chased
Others who make me are raced
If mortal peril you’re faced
Make me with your shoes laced

What am I? (click for answer)

Every language do I speak
Even when the caller be Greek
The caller and I always agree
Yet no man has ever seen me.

What am I? (click for answer)
An Echo

I have holes all over my body.  Yet I have no trouble holding water within me.

What am I? (click for answer)
A Sponge

My tail is hollow
My head is bright
My smokey breath
May be your delight

What am I? (click for answer)
A Pipe

My blood is often drunk
My flesh mashed in teeth
When finished with my innards
To the garbage my skin’s bequeathed

What am I? (click for answer)
Fruit such as an orange, lemon, grape fruit, etc.
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