Burger King Had To Change Their Name To Operate In Australia

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If you were to go to Australia and get a craving for food from Burger King, you’ll have to go to a fast food chain called “Hungry Jack’s”. This is because, when Burger King first decided to expand their franchise to Australia, they found out that there was already a food chain there called “Burger King”. This forced them to choose a different name and “Hungry Jack’s” is what they came up with. There are now just over 300 Hungry Jack’s in Australia.

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  • It wasn’t another chain, it was just one shop in Adelaide, South Australia. Nonetheless the name was still already trademarked.

  • That resturant in Adelaide no longer exist, Hungry Jack’s should now use the name Burger King that coincides with the rest of the world. I travel overseas a lot and got into the habit of calling it Burger King when home in Australia.