Top 20 Movie Facts Of The Week





















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  • albert

    It’s “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon”, Not Dark Side Of The Moon.

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  • Did Michael Bay team up with Pink Floyd? Haha.

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  • Matthew Carpenter

    Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning while playing Jesus Himself, yet came away from it unscathed. And yet people are still Atheists who don’t believe in miracles.

    • Lance

      A man left his baby in the backseat of his car and it dies from the heat, yet theists continue to believe in god.

      • Daven Hiskey

        @Lance: Just to play devil’s advocate, but in order to stop bad things from happening, would not god have to take away man’s free will completely? Even small actions performed with no ill-intent could later result in something bad happening to someone. Even something simple like perhaps someone drives a little slower than someone behind them would like and later this results in the individual being in an intersection at a different time than they would have had they been able to drive their normal speed, and in that intersection they are struck by another driver and are killed. That sort of thing, but you could even expand it out beyond that single interaction. It’s amazing how many little things we do daily that effect other people (and ourselves) in ways we could never dream of. So, essentially, we’d have to say that if god exists (and is all-powerful and all-knowing) and if that entity cares about all facets of our well-being and cares about us on an individual level instead of just the species as a whole, then it would seem probable that said entity places an extreme high value on free-will. There are a lot of “ifs” in the premises, but an interesting thing to think about nonetheless.

        • Thediusx

          Why would something that doesn’t exist have to be taken away by something else that doesn’t exist in order to explain what exists?
          And the “omnipotent/omniscient ” god you theorize would itself be lacking free will by its own definition, and its every action would impose the same upon all within its influence. (If it knows all, it knows all the small reactions you speak of, and the end result of anything it did; therefore with every action it “chooses,” it is also choosing its ultimate results.)

        • Fred James

          If God knows all things, past, present, future. The Roman Catholic Church was the first church and that is their teaching. Then there is no free will, everything is preordained, you have no choice, it is all according to Gods’ plan.

      • It’s okay. “God” gave the baby leukemia so was only ending its suffering. :/

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  • Totally worth it, Tom Cruise makes the movie “Knight and Day”. His comedy style and subtle nuances make me adore this film.