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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nacho Surprise
Now, as I state in my “about” page, I enjoy free food, particularly ridiculously unhealthy variety, and soda while I peck away at my keyboard for hours on end.  Getting free Dr. Pepper and snacks from my readers (or money for Dr. Pepper and snacks as the case may be) is pretty much the highlight of my blogging life when it occasionally happens.
This is a first though; a sponsor (ampm) actually offered to give me money for Dr. Pepper and junk food, and even pay me in addition to that (free food and it ends up covering my dedicated server hosting fees for the month *woot!*).  As such, I couldn’t pass up this sponsored post, even though I literally couldn’t think of any way to mix it into the “Today I Found Out” article line as I try to do with all of my sponsored posts and is usually my rubric for whether I accept a sponsor or not.
Fear not though, this post isn’t in replacement of a normal scheduled post, but rather, in addition to the normal TIFO article that was also posted today.
My instructions were to create some sort of food concoction from items available at ampm, preferably a tasty concoction; then post it under their secret menu tab on their Facebook page; and then write an article saying such on my site.
Nacho Surprise
With those instructions in mind, I present exhibit A.  One part jalapeño corn dog; one part crunchy Cheetos; and one part nachos covered in cheesy goodness.  Mix them together and you get Nacho Surprise.
To be honest, I thought mixing the corn dog in might be questionable.  My first choice would have been torn up chicken strips, but alas, they had none.  But the jalapeño corn dog mixed in was surprisingly tasty.  I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised as jalapeño cheese dip works crazy well as a corn dog dip, but I wasn’t sure if the corn dog to cheese ratio, plus being mixed with the Cheetos and chips would workout.  It turned out well and I washed it down with some free Dr. Pepper, so that was awesome.
In any event, check out my ampm secret menu tab Nacho Surprise Facebook post and feel free to create your own concoctions from ampm and share them with the world on ampm‘s secret menu tab on their Facebook page.
Bonus Factoids:
  • ampm was founded in 1978 with the first ampm opening in Southern California as a value-add-on to certain ARCO gas stations.
  • ARCO was aquired in the year 2000 by BP.
  • Today ampm has over 1,100 stores in the United States alone in association with ARCO and BP gas stations.


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