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The Longest Game by Innings in Major League Baseball History

It was a cloudy, overcast Saturday morning on May 1, 1920.  Pitcher Joe Oeschger (pronounced esh-ker) didn’t even think the game would be played, as it had rained most of the morning.  And even if it was played, he didn’t think he would be the starting pitcher.  “Manager (George) Stallings usually pitched me on Sundays because I went to church”, […]

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Kurt Russell Played Minor League Baseball Until an Injury Ended His Career

Today I found out Kurt Russell was a minor league baseball player until an injury ended his career. While the Russell family is mostly known for their acting, “Baseball is really the family business that nobody knows about because our other business was sort of out there in the public and seen by a lot more people,” said Kurt Russell. […]

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There Once was a 17 Year Old Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Back to Back

Today I found out there once was a girl who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in succession. What’s even more impressive about that was neither Ruth nor Gehrig managed to even get the bat on the ball when they swung.  Ruth swung and missed twice before taking a called third strike.  Gehrig swung and missed three times, striking […]

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This Day in History: After Facing One Batter, Babe Ruth Punches an Umpire for Throwing Him Out of the Game. Ruth’s Replacement Then Throws a No-Hitter

This Day In History: June 23, 1917 On this day in history, 1917, Babe Ruth was on the mound for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park against the Washington Senators.  He threw four straight balls, at least as far as the umpire, Clarence “Brick” Owens, was concerned, walking Ray Morgan.  Ruth thought the second and the fourth pitch were […]

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Henry Chadwick, the Creator of the Baseball Box Score, Also was the First to Prove that the Rotation of a Baseball Could Cause the Ball to Curve in the Air

Henry Chadwick, the creator of the baseball box score, was the first to setup a demonstration proving that the rotation of a baseball could cause the ball to curve.  Before this, some pitchers had already observed and used this to their advantage (even though many of the day considered it cheating), but no one had yet proved that it was […]

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Jim Gentile Becomes the First Major League Baseball Player to Hit a Grand Slam in Back to Back Innings

jim gentile baseball card

This Day In History: May 9, 1961 Yesterday Josh Hamilton tied an MLB record with 15 other players, hitting four home runs in one game.  Something even more rare happened on this day in history, Baltimore Orioles first basemen, ‘Diamond’ Jim Gentile, managed to hit a grand slam in two consecutive innings (the 1st and the 2nd inning, both home […]

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In High School, MLB Star Justin Verlander Traded a Small Percentage of His Eventual $3.12 Million Signing Bonus for a Chocolate Milk

Today I found out that in High School, Major League Baseball star pitcher Justin Verlander traded a small percentage of his eventual $3.12 million signing bonus for a 50 cent chocolate milk. This happened while the future MLB superstar was in the 10th grade at Goochland High School in Virginia.  Short 50 cents needed for a chocolate milk that day, […]

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This Day in History: Sports Illustrated Publishes an Article Alleging Pete Rose Bet on Major League Baseball Games

This Day In History: March 21, 1989 On this day in history, 1989, Sports Illustrated published an article alleging that Cincinnati Reds Coach and former star baseball player Pete Rose bet on Major League Baseball games. Pete Rose started managing in 1984, while he was still a player, and continued on managing until 1989, with the latter three years of […]

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How Baseball Groundskeepers Achieve Checkerboard Patterns in the Ballpark Grass

Today I found out how baseball groundskeepers achieve checkerboard patterns in the ballpark grass. Most of us have had the opportunity to stand in awe as our eyes perceive the beauty of a perfectly mowed grass in a baseball stadium. Stripes, checkerboard style, or even artistic expressions add flair to a baseball field. But how exactly do they get these […]

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