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Where The Word Vodka Came From

Text Version: Vodka comes from the Russian word for “water,” which is “Voda.” Poland likes to brag about how their Vodka is older than Russia’s Vodka, dating it back to the 8th century, where it went by different names such as “burnt wine” and “gorzalka.” Like most distilled liquors back then, Vodka was mainly used as a medicine. Vodka was […]

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This Day in History: November 23

On this day in history, November 23rd…  1963 : The first episode of “Doctor Who” aired on BBC. The show went on the become the world’s longest running science fiction drama.  Based on the adventures of a Time Lord—a time traveling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor, the show quickly become a significant part of British popular culture. After 26 seasons, in 1996, the show was put on […]

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Where The Famous Yahoo Yodel Comes From

Text Version: We’ve all heard of Yahoo and have probably seen their commercials and heard the famous yodel “Yahoooooo!” The famous yodel comes from Wylie Gustafson. He made the yodel for Yahoo in 1996 for a one time payment of $590 U.S. Dollars. However in 2002, I guess he wanted more, so he sued Yahoo, settling out of court for […]

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Cats Can’t Taste Sweets

Text Version: Humans enjoy five or more different tastes namely:  sour, bitter, salty, umami (associated with meat), and sweet. We can taste sweet things thanks to two proteins generated by two separate genes.  Cats, on the other hand, have a mutant chemoreceptor in their taste buds that prevents them from tasting sweet things, which is actually a trait shared by […]

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The Longest Living Mammal On The Planet

Text Version: The Bowhead Whale is also known as the Arctic whale, because it lives only in Arctic waters unlike other whales that migrate to feed. The Bowhead whale is by far the longest living mammal on the planet. Some Bowhead whales have been seen with ivory spears still lodged in them from failed attempts by whalers over 200 years […]

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3 Interesting Nobel Prize Facts

Text Version: – The average age of a Nobel Peace prize recipient is 62 years old. The oldest recipient was Joseph Rotblat, he was 87 years old when he received his Nobel Peace prize for his worldwide campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons. – Mahatma Gandhi surprisingly never won a Nobel Peace prize, despite being nominated in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947, […]

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