10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled (Part4)

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  • So, as interesting as the content of these graphics are, do you find that anyone ever links to them? Personally, I’d rather just read text that isn’t embedded in a graphic — and that includes the Today In History posts. I’ll read the standard text content every time, but the graphic text just gets in the way, even if they look nice.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Scott: I tend to prefer the text myself. However, about 50% of this site’s traffic comes thanks to the infographics and a good percentage of the links backs to this site, even though obviously I think there are only about 30-40 infographics vs around 600-700-ish regular articles. The This Day in History posts are supposed to be short and I wanted them to be embeddable for other people, hence the picture form. While other people do seem to embed them a lot in their sites with linkbacks, I apparently have a condition and can’t seem to ever manage to make them short. as I intended. 🙂