10 Interesting Sports Related Facts

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  • How does the term ‘Soccer` Predate the term `Football` if it is derived from `Association Football`

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Yourmom: “Soccer preceded the first recorded instance of it being called by the singular word Football”…

  • The first fact is not true. Association Football was simply the codified form of earlier games called “football” and there are many references to games called football that predate the codification that lead to association football and therefore the word soccer. So which came first, “football” or “soccer”? Football did, by quite some hundreds of years.

  • So if not for Henry Chadwick, Americans could be playing at least one sport that the at least part of the rest of the world gives a crap about, instead of a selection of their own dull games that no one outside of North America could give a shit about. High scores do not make entertainment, as anyone who’s ever seen basketball can testify.

  • How does soccer predate the word football? If Charles Wreford Brown created the nickname and he was born in 1866…yet the worlds first football club…Sheffield Football Club were founded in 1857 and Notts County Football Club were founded in 1962? The worlds first Football Association were created in 1863….3 years before he was born…that piece is totally wrong, I can only assume it was written by an American.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @arran: It did not pre-date the word football, but rather predates the first known instance of the sport being called the singular word “football”, rather than Association Football, or the like. People didn’t call it just football, because at the time that wouldn’t have been enough information in many contexts to indicate you were talking about Association Football or soccer. There were numerous sports at the time called XYZ football.

  • Daven…..then why was Sheffield Football Club not called Sheffield Association Football Club? Or Notts County Football Club not called Notts County Association Football Club? These clubs existed before ‘The Football Association (FA)’ even existed so….why would people be calling it ‘association football’…..when the association didn’t exist? John McCrocran was the first person documented to use the word football in the 13th century when he stated he was a spectator as a ”football game”….not an association football game…as this was 600 years before. King Edward in the 14 the century claimed that both ”handball and football are banned” ….not association football. The first time the word ‘football’ was in the English dictionary was 1424….400+ years before the football association….and as ‘football’ only…no association after it….and in 1486 the game was described in the English dictionary to. The fact is Charles Wreford Brown had nothing to do with the word fooball, soccer or assocation football…the same as William Webb Ellis had nothing to do with Rugby. People need to stop taking crap of wikipedia as gospel.