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The Great Depression and WWII Helped Make Popcorn a Popular Snack in the U.S.

Popcorn saw its biggest surges in popularity during times of duress, particularly during the Great Depression and WWII.  The former of which because popcorn was an extremely cheap snack, being one of the few snack items many families could afford.  So while many in the snack industry struggled through the Great Depression, the popcorn industry thrived. Popcorn saw another huge […]

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Why Popcorn Pops


Today I found out why popcorn pops. First a little background, Popcorn or “zea mays everta” is a special kind of Flint corn, also known as “Indian corn” and sometimes “Calico corn”.  Flint corn is readily recognizable as the kernels have a hard outer shell, likened to flint, hence the name.  This hard outer shell is essential in making popcorn […]

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