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This Day in History: The First Mass Commercial Internet Spam Campaign is Launched

This Day In History: April 12, 1994 On this day in history, 1994, the world’s first mass commercial internet spam campaign was launched when husband and wife immigration lawyer team, Laurence Canter and Martha Siegel, who had previously been subject to disciplinary action for unscrupulous practices (see Bonus Facts Below) and had been thrown out of the American Immigration Lawyers […]

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The First Spam Message

##EMBED## Click Here for Sources and to Learn How Spam Came to Mean Junk Message The earliest documented commercial spam message is often incorrectly cited as the 1994 “Green Card Spam” incident.  However, the actual first documented commercial spam message was for a new model of Digital Equipment Corporation computers and was sent on ARPANET to 393 recipients by Gary […]

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