10 Common Myths & Misconceptions Part 8

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  • They found a species of raptor that is actually much larger than the ones depicted in Jurassic Park. They call it the ‘Utahraptor’ because it was found in Utah.
    This information all came out after Jurassic Park, which makes it even more interesting.

  • The article fails to mention this use od “French toast” is American, and the name is used for other forms of toasted bread in other countries.

  • There are plenty of subsonic bullet cartridges around, it all depends on the loading of the round, most often the grain weight of the bullet itself. There are commercial loadings for .22LR, .380ACP, .38SPL, .40S&W .44SPL, most of the .45ACP, pretty much any common caliber out there you can find versions that rate under 1117 fps., aside from maybe the magnum designation calibers. For every round of ammunition, for every caliber available there are varying weights of bullets for different desired performance traits, so when you for example go to buy a box of 9mm, there’s more to it than just the brand, you have to choose if you want 115 gr. or 124 gr., etc, there are several types to choose from. Part of the variation in performance has to do with the speed of the bullet

    I’m glad that you brought this up though, it would be helpful to have sound suppressors made more easily obtainable because they do more to protect the shooters hearing than anything else.