The Difference Between Venom and Poison

Now You KnowYou should know the difference between venom and poison.

The difference is in the delivery. Poison must be inhaled, ingested, or delivered via touch, while venom is injected into a wound.  This may seem overly pedantic, but it should be noted that venom isn’t usually poisonous (meaning it generally won’t hurt you too much or at all if delivered in a different fashion than injecting, even if you swallow it).

So next time you find yourself saying “Daddy long legs are the most poisonous spider” (note: not actually true), take a step back and consider the form of delivery of the toxin: injected = venom; inhaled, ingested, or by touch = poison.

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  • I don’t think this is strictly true. Venom is simply a specific type of poison.

    i.e. Poisons can be delivered by injection. Venoms can be poisonous if swallowed.

    The difference is that Venom is a poison produced by an animal for deliberate delivery to another organism.

    (I was going to say injected, but then Spitting Cobra’s do not need to inject venom for it to have an effect)

  • ^^ No, Venom is made up of amino acid polypeptides, whose proteins could be denatured and inactivated due to a combination of heat and gastric acid from your stomach, thus harmlessly swallowed. Hence, “Peptide Toxin.” People in India actually cook with King Cobra venom.

    -Research Scientist

  • Venom could not be active independently, it Will need be to factor/factors.But poison can be active independently because of it’s nature.

  • So is a jellyfish sting poisonous or venomous