10 Interesting Facts About Junk Food (Part-2)

Junk Food Facts Infographic 2

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  • The story about doughnuts is complete nonsense.
    They started out life as long strips of dough and shortly after that they started to tie the strips into knots…hench ‘dough knots’.
    Doughnuts were simply an evolution of this idea over time and likely came about by accident when one of the knots formed a hole in the middle.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Mike Carey: Sources?

      • Well I thought it was common knowledge to be honest, until reading this.
        I can’t remember where I heard it from originally but consider this:
        They still make dough strips and dough knots. Dough knots often form a hole in the middle, similar to doughnuts. The name was more than likely changed from knot to nut as with a hole in the middle they closer resemble a nut (like nut and bolt).
        Simple really, I dont think there was a real inventer of the donut, people were unwittingly making them by accident. But who coined the phrase, we may never know.

        (google image ‘dough knot’ and you’ll see what I mean by the hole in the middle)

      • Oh and I’d like to clarify, I meant the Captain story was nonesense.
        It may well be display purposes as to why the hole in the middle became popular.

    • my belief is they are called doughnuts because it is a dough version of a nut (like a nut and bolt)

  • Nowhere in the Coca Cola story do they mention cocaine. WTF? I thought everybody knew that.

    • The cocaine story is completely false. It was probably made up by a Pepsi fanboy to have people hate on coke