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DK Update

The Daily Knowledge podcast still gets a pretty shocking amount of downloads for having not been updated for so long, so we just thought for those of you still around we’d do a little update announcing our new podcast: The BrainFood Show, which you can find here:  iTunes | Google Play | RSS/XML Let us know what you think, and […]

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The BrainFood Show Episode 1: Throwing Tomatoes

In this debut episode of our new The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the surprising similarities between online commenters and audiences throughout history, as well as how the practice of throwing tomatoes at performers got started.  We’ll also be looking at the various ways to monetize on youtube and websites and just generally explaining how all that works. Finally, we […]

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Podcast Episode #397: 911

In this episode, you’re going to learn how “9-1-1” was chosen for the emergency phone number in the U.S., as well as how the system was developed and continues to adapt to new technologies such as VoIP, cell phones, and texting. [TRANSCRIPT] Don’t miss future episodes of this podcast, subscribe here: iTunes | RSS/XML You can also find more episodes […]

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Podcast Episode #396: 57

In this episode, you’re going to learn about how Heinz got their “57” attached to their products as well as a lot of interesting stuff about the origin of the company and the Long Depression, which was previously known as the Great Depression before its name was usurped by a later, more famous depression. You’re also going to learn exactly […]

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