Podcast Episode #404: Hobbs and His Locks, and the End

In this episode, you’re going to learn about a fascinating time in history when England had its security world shattered when a man waltzed into town and promptly easily picked the previously unpickable type of lock securing most of the valuables in the country. This is the story of the “Great Lock Controversy of 1851” [TRANSCRIPT]

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  • SO sad to hear that the podcast will be no more . . . it’s been the perfect thing to listen to when taking the kids to school. It has always sparked amazing conversations. Thank you for the 404 episodes!! From a very loyal fan.

  • Hi Simon.

    I was saddened to hear that this was the last episode of the Today I Found Out / Daily Knowledge podcast.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors.


  • You could reduce your bandwidth cost and increase download speed by reducing your bit rate from 128 kbps (usually for music) to 64 kbps (common for speech podcasts) or even 48 kpbs (reasonably common for longer speech podcasts).

  • Sad to hear that one of the best podcasts available is no more… Thanks for all your work, best wishes

  • Yes, sad to lose a great podcast from my lineup. Thanks for the work.

  • John Samperisi


    I am saddened that your webcast is no more. As a teacher I listened daily on the way to school and often used your topics to initiate conversations and research for my students to consider. I also found a great product through your sponsors and am happy to discover Harry’s shaving products. You were right, the greatest shave I have ever had.
    Best Wishes

  • So very sad to hear that this has come to an end. This was one of my favorite podcasts.

  • SouthernKahrCarrier

    I really, really like these podcast, and am disappointed that we were not given an opportunity to support the podcast before it was discontinued. It’s a new economy for entertainment. I have supported a few different podcast with paypal, and given to Wikipedia.com, Sourceforge, and a few others. The pieces were long enough to give information without being too long, and I will miss them. You were providing a service that many people enjoyed. You might have been surprised had you stated you were loosing money and asked for financial help. It’s fair to ask consumers to help with the cost of providing a service. All successful businesses to that.

  • If it’s a matter of cost, why not set up something on Patreon to get donations to keep the podcast going?

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Delicia: While we have a large audience for a podcast, in researching it and talking to people who’ve done this, we don’t have anywhere close to the audience we’d need to get much of anything that way. We thought about giving it a try anyway, but the amount of work needed to do a proper Patreon campaign (that would have even the slimmest of hope of being successful) was too much for the already ultra-low odds of that venture being successful. We will revisit the podcast eventually under a different format and hopefully leveraging a very large YouTube audience to help make the podcast even more popular, in both cases attempting to make it more desirable for advertisers to make the show sustainable. Given how rapidly the YouTube audience is growing, that’s looking like it might even be a lot sooner than originally anticipated, though is still a ways off.

  • Sad to hear the podcast is ending, i just find it slightly ironic it´s episode 404 the problems arise.