The White Feather (The BrainFood Show Episode 2)

In episode 2 of The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss what actually started WWI, with the motivations there not quite what most people think, some rather interesting things the soldiers on both sides got up to in the early days of the war, and the absolutely bizarre, but effective, Order of the White Feather. We wrap up this section discussing the man the almost universally misinterpreted poem The Road Not Taken is based on and the connection between the poem and his ultimate death not long after he read it.

Next up we discuss the pros and cons of niche vs non-niche on YouTube and beyond, our plans for the TodayIFoundOut channel in 2018, and answer some subscriber questions.

And for those interested in reading the full and quite fascinating write-up on the story behind The Road Not Taken, you can find that here.

Discuss this episode and view references on The BrainFood Show forum here.

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  • Urm, is it just me or is it not yet on Google Play, yet it says it does on the today I found out website?