The BrainFood Show Episode 1: Throwing Tomatoes

In this debut episode of our new The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the surprising similarities between online commenters and audiences throughout history, as well as how the practice of throwing tomatoes at performers got started.  We’ll also be looking at the various ways to monetize on youtube and websites and just generally explaining how all that works. Finally, we cover a little Q&A using some of the most commonly asked questions directed at us on YouTube and the website.

Discuss this episode and view references on The BrainFood Show forum here.

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  • Are there transcripts available? I don’t do podcasts.

  • We need to hear Simon do an American accent.

  • David Marshalls

    Do Americans really pronounce niche, nitch?

    • It depends, like if I’m saying nitch it’s normally related to home renovation like shower installations, but I’ll say niche almost every other time

  • Cheyeanne Hawkwerd

    How does the release of YouTube Premium affect the creator’s revenue? Does YouTube chip in the money the advertisers would have paid from the premium subscriber’s fees?

    Do you get credited and paid for views from non-premium viewers who are blocking the ads with an app?

    Does letting an ad run completely guarantee better revenue for the creator, or is clicking the skip button after 5 seconds the same from the advertiser’s point of view?

    There is so much confusion on these points even though most of us use YouTube every day! Thanks for the insight, I really do enjoy your channel.

  • I know I’m pretty late coming to this, but I finally made it to this episode in the back catalog. But to Simon, yes, your accent might be a little different because of the wide amount of areas you’ve lived. I had a manager from the UK who had been here for like 12 years, and his accent became more Americanized over time

  • Love you guys, thanks for everything!
    Now, that out of the way: did you notice the audio player’s timer counting from 00 s to … not 59, but 60, and only then quickly flipping over to 00 for half a sec? 🙂 (Fun to watch — probably the only timer on Earth that does this.)