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Why Animals Sometimes Eat Their Poop

##EMBED## Animals such as dogs, rabbits, rodents, gorillas, etc. often eat their poop to maintain proper health. For animals like rabbits, who eat a lot of plants, their poop contains quite a bit of undigested plant matter; so eating their poop is a nice easy way to get more out of the food they have available.  For other animals, like […]

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Bats Are Not Blind

Myth: Bats are blind The saying “blind as a bat”, simply isn’t correct. The truth is that all 1,100 bat species can see and often their vision is pretty good, although not as excellent as many other night-hunting animals. There are two main groups of bats, which are believed to have evolved independently of each other, but both from a […]

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“Daddy Long Legs” Are Not the Most Poisonous Spider

Myth: Daddy Long Legs are the most poisonous spider in the world. Daddy Long Legs are not the most poisonous spider as you’ll often hear people say. We’ll just ignore the fact that there’s a big difference between “poisonous” and “venomous”, which makes the previous sentence even more ridiculous and assume people mean “venomous” when they make that statement. We’ll […]

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