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  • Asante-danquah kwadwo

    How can the name Earth be only thousand years old. Jesus Christ Lived 2000 years ago and at that time referred to this planet as earth.

    • Because meth?

    • Because the bible was not written in English and Jesus wouldn’t have spoken it anyways, it is likely that Earth was the word used by translators for whatever word they felt was the close equivalent in the original text.

      • Well, that and in the Bible, we are taught that we are all descended from Adam and Eve who existed and roamed on earth long before Jesus himself did. As a result, that proves the earth is well over 1000 years old at the very least.

  • Kimberly Shinbaum

    It was first written in old Hebrew way before English and any English kings. Although the king James bible was the most beautifully written and he was very religious. I cannot get past current English bibles saying certain verses without ‘blessed’ in them which was pronounced with two syllables. Beautiful.