The People Who Slowly Turn to Bone, Why the Queen Doesn’t Need a Passport, The Truth About Aspartame and More

In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at a variety of topics, including, the rare genetic condition that slowly encases some people in a prison of bone, why the Queen of England doesn’t need a passport, if aspartame is really bad for you, what is actually in juicy fruit gum, why we use the term “gay” for homosexual people, why clocks run clockwise, and why we say “o’clock” when giving the time. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for many more videos like this.

The People Who Slowly Turn to Bone

Why Doesn’t the Queen of England Need a Passport?

Is Aspartame Bad for You?

What Exactly is the “Juice” in Juicy Fruit Gum?

Why are Homosexual People Called “Gay”?

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Why We Say “O’Clock”

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  • John Cassidy

    Hi there hasn’t been a queen of England since 1707 .tthanks

    • Leeroy

      Really. Do tell your view. Or is this just semantics?

      • John Cassidy

        Acts of Union 1707 ,between Scotland and England meant that Queen anne of England became Queen of Great Britain So the last time anyone held that title was in 1707