Podcast Episode #114: The Woman Who was the Most Successful Pirate in History

In this episode, you’re going to learn about a little-known woman who rose from being a prostitute to arguably the most successful pirate in history and who ultimately managed to retire and get off, not only scot-free, but elevated to nobility. [TRANSCRIPT]

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  • This lady made Edward Thatch ( Blackbeard ) look embarrassingly bad!!! Edward even ran his beautiful ship ( Queen Ann’s revenge) into a sand bar due to a low tide. In places like the Ocracoke bay, you had to pay attention to the moon, because that’s what determines the tide levels!!! Yet Blackbeard seemingly failed to realize this. The British navy ( the U.S. was still under British rule back then ) knew that the tides were low and that Blackbeard had become marooned on that sand bar! So they took two smaller ( but still quite large ) boats ( sloops ) out to Blackbeard’s ship and destroyed him!!! Blackbeard’s mentor Benjamin Hornigold wouldn’t have made that mistake, … and neither would this female pirate, who defeated entire navy’s and armadas!!!