Site Maintenance / Server Upgrade

I’m doing a little website maintenance this weekend, moving Today I Found Out to a more powerful server as the traffic to the site has grown beyond my old dedicated server’s capacity to serve without increased page load times, especially when there are large random surges of traffic *stares accusingly at reddit*. Even when not getting big surges, though, the page load times were gradually ticking up over the last couple months as traffic has increased.

The new dedicated server is about six times as “powerful” as the old, so hopefully such slowdowns will be in the past now (bring it on reddit… seriously, bring it on.  I’m curious to see what the new machine can do). 😉  And, of course, this should also improve page load times even during non-peak times as well.

I don’t anticipate any downtime during the switch, but you never know.  If you notice any problems after the switch (I’m also doing some upgrades to the site’s back end at the same time), let me know here.  Thanks!

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One comment

  • Never felt a “slowdown,” but definitely: Good luck with the upgrade!

    Love the site! It’s my startpage…!