TNT and Dynamite are Not the Same Thing

Myth: TNT and Dynamite are the same thing. In fact, TNT and dynamite are not the same thing at all, contrary to what the Road Runner and Wiley coyote would have you believe. Dynamite doesn’t actually contain TNT, but rather is comprised of an absorbent mixture soaked in nitroglycerin, which is extremely sensitive to shock, unlike TNT; this is then wrapped in paper and voila, dynamite. TNT or trinitrotuluene is a yellow chemical compound that was originally used as a yellow dye, but later was used as an explosive material due to a variety of convenient features it has, such as being very safe to transport.


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  • Note: convient -> convenient.

    Also, did you write all of these Quick Myths in one day?

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Mushyrulez: Nope, but I did just finish doing 31 quick facts today (scheduled of course for one per day in May). That’s a new record by far for me. I’ve got some lofty goals for Today I Found Out for May, post-wise and I’m shirking most of my other sites for the month to try to make them happen. There will be more posts overall this month than any other month in this site’s history, so keep an eye out, particularly in about a week when I’ll have everything rolling out. 🙂

      *oh, and thanks for catching the typo.

  • Speaking of spelling, it’s actually “Trinitrotoluene”