8 Interesting Facts About Famous Businesses

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  • No offense, but you guys seem to be repeating a lot of already-said stuff, now…

    Perhaps you could take a bit of a break to think of new ideas?

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Mushyrulez: None taken. Much of the content of the infographics are usually condensed from the various articles here or on Misconception Junction, basically for people who like the content short and sweet or for those who haven’t seen the older articles (about 400+ and counting).

      The articles posted are always new content and we are working on getting another writer or two soon to up the number of articles per week a bit more, but it’s difficult to find good writers who are also good researchers, which is key for this site. Having ideas isn’t the problem (the list currently stands at about 300+ good article ideas). It’s more of a time thing at the moment, but I’m working on it. 🙂

  • I like the way you do this site, but where do you do your research? I’ve been copywriting for years and I rarely find websites that handle accurate and interesting facts with any frequency.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @T: The source articles are below the infographic and those have many sources per article (too many to list all combined here, hence why I just point back to the original article). The lack of quality “fact” websites out there was a huge part of my motivation to start this site. You can read a bit about who writes here in the “about” and “authors” section. I particularly have a background in research though and am very meticulous when researching articles. I have a goal of only ever putting factual information on this site. I’m sure I’ll slip up at some point; I’ve even found several errors in various Ken Burns documentaries and he’s one of the best, so it happens to everybody. But so far so good.

  • Daven u are doing absolutely wonderful job. i have learnt so many things through ur website. Keep up the good work man!!!!!!!


  • the first drive-thru in canada was a tim hortons in sudbury. my audio tech teacher installed it

  • lmao all these fools spending a lot of time defending and criticizing people, get a life. lol

  • how the hell did you spell ‘weekend’ like this…weakened?

    lol that’s just stupid

    • Daven Hiskey

      @bro tip: “how the hell did you spell ‘weekend’ like this…weakened?” It’s quite easy actually. What you do is when you get to that second “e”, you have your finger type an “a” instead. 😉

  • Sources at the bottom, because I’m sure some idiot’s gonna come in here, thumbs-down, and say “citation needed” smugly.

  • Founder of FEDEX wagered the last of company funds that weakened….What? That should have been weekend, when he was gambling, not that he was weakening the company……This is a great site, and you should be proofing your work a little more carefully.

  • always amusing that by giving people something they feel the need to do nothing but criticize you for it.

    That babyruth one is nuts though, I’ll have to bring that one up to some people next time I spot a baby ruth.

  • In your FedEx story, surely you mean that Fred Smith flew to Las Vegas and played blackjack all WEEKEND, and not WEAKENED, as you say in your story? If I had the power to do so, I would have Spellcheck removed from every computer on Earth! Tsk! Tsk!

  • In your SOS story, there really is no such thing as an aluminium ‘pot’. In the popular phrase ‘pots and pans’, the word ‘pot’ is short for ‘pottery’ and covers cups, saucers and plates, etc., hence an aluminium ‘pot’ is not possible. It is more correct to say ‘aluminium pan, or saucepan’. See! So there!

    • Jeez!…and there is a fundamental difference between a POT and a PAN… and I mean by substance (metal), shape and use, NOT crockery.

    • the wonderful thing about English is that it changes and adapts. In North America, pot and pan have become synonymous, so you might want to get off your high horse and give these guys a break. They do great work and a lot of research to give you a free site with interesting articles

  • An interesting side note to the Baby Ruth story, a boy was hired by that pilot (Doug Davis) to do the “bombing,” and that boy was Paul Tibbets, who later went on to pilot the Enola Gay which dropped the first atomic bomb in 1945. (source: “Masters of the Air” by Donald L. Miller, 2006, p165)

  • Ben and Jerry’s have a “Flavor Graveyard” where the failed flavors are melted away.