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A Restaurant for a Beetle and $100 and a Bike- The Fascinating Stories Behind Four Famous Businesses

In this episode of The BrainFood Show, we look at the fascinating and sometimes hilarious origins of four of the biggest companies in the world. We also discuss our new podcast format and wrap up the show discussing the Curse of the Colonel and other related bonus facts. If you could do us a huge favor and rate and review […]

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Why Zombies Eat Brains, Why Lead Used to Be Added to Paint, Why People Look More Attractive When You’re Drinking, and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we discuss why people look more attractive when you’re drinking, why lead used to be added to paint, why zombies eat brains, why some Asian countries use chopsticks instead of more common eating utensils, and how much caffeine it would take to kill you. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel […]

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Weekly Wrap Volume 47


This is a weekly wrap of our Daily Knowledge Newsletter. You can get that newsletter for free here. The “Witch of Wall Street” Long before the likes of Warren Buffet, Hetty Green dominated Wall Street through extremely shrewd investing, frugality, and exploiting the lax investment rules of her age, managing to amass one of the greatest fortunes in history. Hetty, […]

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Toilet Paper Wasn’t Commonly Used in England or the United States Until the Early 20th Century

Toilet Paper Facts

It wouldn’t be until the late 1800s when toilet paper would be first introduced in America and England and it wasn’t until the 1900s, around the same time the indoor toilet became common, that toilet paper would catch on with the masses. So what did people use before toilet paper?  This depended greatly on region, personal preference, and wealth.  Rich […]

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