The Fascinating Origins of Everyday Things (Part 4)

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are start out with an appetizer looking at how chopsticks came to be and why they became so popular in certain parts of the world vs things like spoons and forks.

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Next up, in the main course, we look at who exactly invented the spoon, knife, and fork, how they became popularized and the surprising amount of time it took for two of the three to become a staple of dinner tables the world over.

As for the desert for today, we discuss who actually invented the Fortune Cookie, which pretty much everyone always gets wrong. And, spoiler: no, it wasn’t the Chinese nor Americans.

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  • I’d love to read an article about this. I tried to listen to the webcast, but there was so much crosstalk and chatting about nonsense that I got bored before I ever got to the actual information.

  • Where are the new episodes????

  • you ever going to release an episode in 2021?

  • When will the next episode be, I really enjoy this podcast but it’s been three months.

  • Remember that time when you guys actually made podcast episodes to listen too? My ears are getting bored waiting…

  • Is the last episode of the podcast? Will there ever be any more?

  • Thit Devin died bringing his plane home? A lot of months without a new episode

  • I agree with Lance. I even fast-forwarded a few times, and even in the actual content I was looking for, I lost all patience with the silly banter.