Medieval Times [Part 5]

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are start out with an appetizer looking at whether chastity belts were ever actually a thing in medieval times or if it is just a Hollywood invention.

Next up we have a brief message from our sponsor… Ourselves! Go check out our new-ish channel Highlight History, an upcoming re-launch / re-think of Fact Quickie, a new upcoming one in Ancient Marvels,  and Simon’s latest attempt to host all YouTube channels- Side Projects.

Next up, in the main course, we look at whether you could actually be transported back in time to Medieval Times and actually communicate to anyone in English or not as is often depicted in popular entertainment.

As for the desert for today, we discuss what you actually get for being knighted in modern times and what the process is these days for that.

And note, to see that wall of text Simon hard to read there, this is what he was looking at:


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  • Hi Simon and Daven,

    You were talking in the latest podcast about travelling through time requiring a spaceship due to the stupendous speed and constantly changing angular velocity of the Earth through the Universe.

    There was a Sci Fi show in the 90’s which explored this idea. It was called Seven (or 7) days.
    The plot centred around a time machine created from alien technology used by a secret department of the NSA. It could travel back in time 7 days and could be used to avert disasters.
    The time machine was in the shape of a polygon (refered to as a sphere) and was a spaceship.
    The pilot had to carefully fly it through time to keep it within a reasonable distance of HQ and the act of travelling through time took a physical and mental toll on the pilot (as he and the ship phased out of space-time) and the ship was difficult to control, often landing dozens or hundreds of miles away.
    In fact the pilot episode had a polygon out in space (in orbit?) off course with an earlier pilot dead, demonstrating how dangerous it was if the pilot couldn’t cope

    It lasted 3 seasons 1998-2001.

    Great Show by the way, I listen to every episode which comes out using the Podcast Addict App, which i think I’ve left a review on (I’ll check that now and correct it if I haven’t).
    I used to use Google Podcasts, but something happened to that App…


    Martin Hocking
    Melbourne, Australia

  • Martin Hocking, thanks for this info. I’m sold. I’m a time-travel sci-fi sucker and will watch whatever time travel comes as a main theme…. but I also must say that I get really annoyed that most the stories turn out to be common cliches…

  • What is the picture of a but for?