Making Diamonds

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are start out looking at the rather interesting way the couple hundred million dollar Hope Diamond has been transported a couple times.

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Next up, we discuss how diamonds went from a mostly worthless item throughout the majority of human history to in very recent times the extremely expensive item we have today. We then dive into the extremely fascinating story of the guy who first managed to figure out how to make diamonds, bypassing the normal couple billion year process to have them form naturally.

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  • I love listening/watching your podcast and have been for the last 6 months. During this time of social isolation, I have had plenty of time to catch up on most of your shows. The two of you make an awesome team. I do rather watching the shows more as I get to see the mistakes, which make me laugh. We all need a good laugh now and again.

  • I absolutely love you guy! I subscribe to almost every Simon Whistler YouTube channel. Keep up the good work

  • It is now Sept 15, 2020 and still no more episodes, Hellllooooo I can feel all your reviews just losing stars.