Twice Executed

Sorry for the long gap between episodes. We’ll be getting a bit more regular going forward.  Also apologies for my audio quality in this one. Adobe kept crashing on me, so we had to use the audio Simon was receiving which isn’t ideal. Also a bit under the weather and lost my voice before recording, so maybe for the best that I wasn’t coming through in pristine quality. 😉 Next episode will sound much, much better!

In any event, in this episode of The Brain Food Show, we start by looking at the real story behind the song In the Air Tonight.

Moving on to the meat of today’s episode, we jump into the fascinating story of one Willie Francis, a young man convicted for murder, executed, then executed again about a year later, despite the fact that it would very much seem as if he was innocent the whole time.

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  • YES! I was worried these had stopped! This show has shot to the top of my anticipated podcasts. Love the laid back approach, and really interesting digressions, always learn something even when I think I know the topic pretty well.

    • Daven Hiskey

      Sorry for the long delay. Tons of things going on of late that forced the podcast to the backburner for a bit. Back on top of it now. 🙂

  • YES! Saw this on YouTube already but I’m glad y’all are posting again. Can’t wait for more!!

  • This just reaffirms why the United States has no right and no business executing people. Not only do white Americans seem congenitally unfit when it comes to applying their own supposed laws, rules, norms, and PUBLICLY STATED beliefs equally and/or fairly & proportionately, they can’t even perform executions appropriately.