Taking the Mystery Out of Murder- A Couple of Dumbbells

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we start by looking at how exactly Al Capone got the scars that got him the nickname “Scarface”.

Moving on to the meat of today’s episode, we jump into the rather interesting story behind one of the many so called “trial of the century” of the 20th century.  In this case involving a housewife and her lover and their plot to murder her husband. We also discuss the case of the first woman ever to be executed in an electric chair and one of the most iconic journalistic photos ever taken.

In the Bonus Facts today, we look at the first two women ever to be sentenced to death via the electric chair, what they did to get that sentence, and how they both got off.

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  • So let Simon know that there’s this old wives tale; if you synchronize the princess bride and an old vinyl of the wall on bicycle day, apparently the soul of Albert Hoffman will open the space time continuum and give you his wisdom.

  • Love the podcast, I feel you guys have updated the style and it currently breathes very well (in that the flow is good). I started listening to podcasts with Joe Rogan for the interview style but I love the interaction you both have with the conserational fact flinging which has had me searching for more podcast that are alike. I will say though I have run out of things to listen to and am waiting for some more podcasts. I hope Davin’s move is going well and hope y’all have some kick ass stuff soon.

  • TIFO topics: Where the term “pull wool over ones eyes” – Origin of tyrian purple – Phyrrhus of Epirus – How are you guys so amazing, love the work!

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