Macabre Part 4: The Vampire of Cinkota and a Truly Horrific Love Story

*Note: This is a little out of order, but we had to delay publishing of the Tech History Part 3 owing to, ironically enough, technical difficulties.  We’ll have it up soon enough.

But for now, in this Halloween special of The Brain Food Show, we start by looking at whether it’s actually safer to use a crosswalk instead of a just jaywalking as well as the actual origin of the word “jaywalk”.

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Next up, we jump into the main part of the show on the horrific tale of the dashingly handsome Bella Kiss, the Vampire of Cinkota, and the many, many women he murdered.

Following that, we move on to a sickly sweet and more than a little morbid love story we’re calling A Rose for Carl.

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  • Not Bella but Bela or Béla Kiss 😉 Pronounce: Bale A Kisch

    Thanks for the story!

  • Thought I’d try this podcast but after 10-15 minutes of chit chat, the story starts and is disjointed, meandering.
    I bailed around 20 minutes, after skipping forward a couple of times.
    That and the mostly unprofessional presentation.

  • Can you please link to the jaywalking studies you referenced?

  • Could you please links to the studies on jaywalking that you mentioned?

    Also, this was interesting. As Simon touched on differences with driver behavior in Prague, it’s also relevant how different pedestrian behavior is from city to city.

  • For a year now the story of Helen has made me freak out. As soon as you mentioned Tanzler my skin froze knowing who you were talking about.

    Absolutely loving your macabre series.


  • Can you share a link to the study sating you’re more likely to get hit as a pedestrian at a zebra crossing than jaywalking?
    I was just discussing something similar to this with friends a few days ago, and would be interested in reading some more about it

  • So I’ve done a little research and this is so cool. I’m a descendant of the housekeeper, Mrs. Jacubek! I’ve always been into creepy history and its so neat to know I have a connection to it.