Why Doesn’t the U.S. Use a Popular Vote for President, Why Do a Donkey and an Elephant Represent the Democrats and Republicans, and More

In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we are getting into the US Presidential Election spirit by looking at why the U.S. uses the electoral college instead of a popular vote, whether U.S. Presidents have to pay taxes on the various perks of the office, the fascinating story of the first attempt to assassinate an American President, why a donkey and an elephant represent the Republican and Democratic parties, and the origin of the red-state/blue-state dichotomy for political parties. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for many more videos like this.

Why Does the United States Use the Electoral College and Not a Popular Vote to Decide the President?

Why Do a Donkey and an Elephant Represent Democrats and Republicans?

Why U.S. Electoral Maps Use Red for Republicans and Blue for Democrats

The Origin of the Republican Party

Do US Presidents Have to Report Perks Like Air Force One, White House Lodging, etc on Their Taxes?

The First Presidential Assassination Attempt

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  • It is hilarious (to me) when someone resorts to the “founding fathers” “it’s in the Constitution” etc etc, argument. How many times has our government used the constitution to wipe it’s *ss ? The (don’t forget to play the national anthem for background music when you read a copy) “Patriot Act” alone proved the Constitution and Bill Of Rights are not worth the paper they are written on. With all the endless and mind boggling corruption how can any person in their right mind take politics seriously ? I cannot comprehend how ANY citizen believes ANYTHING our government says.