The Difference Between Concrete and Cement, The Truth About Injecting Medicine Directly Into the Heart, and More on Our New Daily Knowledge YouTube Channel

concrete-cementI’m very excited to announce the launch of the new “Daily Knowledge” section of our YouTube channel. This will feature twice daily videos covering various interesting topics just like you see in the articles here, but in video/audio form.  You can check out the first few videos here:

If you like these or just are interested in seeing what other topics we cover on YouTube, be sure and subscribe here so you don’t miss anything! Thanks!

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  • I have not received your daily or weekly e-mails in at least 2 months, is there a problem??

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Lance Hall: It looks like you had been unsubscribed for some reason. This does happen automatically if you don’t open any of the emails over a certain stretch, I think like a month or something. We don’t want to be sending emails to people who seem to not want them. 🙂 I’ve re-subscribed you though, so you should get them now.

  • It would be great if you could setup the YouTube feed so it can be subscribed to using podcast apps. TED talks, for instance, have this feature.