Today’s Brain Teasers: Presidents Only Get to Keep This…

brain teasersPresidents only get to keep this after they have given it.  It is something they often give.  But even though they are allowed to keep it after giving it, they rarely choose to.

What is It? (click for answer)
A Promise

I have been observed by every human who ever lived.  Yet no one has ever seen me in person and I’m replaced daily.

What am I? (click for answer)

I have a tongue, but I don’t talk.
I have no legs, but I often walk.

What am I? (click for answer)

I can be seen, yet I’m weightless.  Despite my weightlessness, when I’m put in a bucket, I can make it lighter.

What am I? (click for answer)
A Hole

I have a broom in my rear,
a pitchfork in my head
Find yourself near me,
you’ll hope I don’t see red

What am I? (click for answer)
A Bull
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