Misconception Junction Will Be Merged with Today I Found Out Over the Next Couple Weeks

Misconception Junction will be merged with Today I Found Out over the next couple weeks. What this means is that all Misconception Junction’s articles will now be here on Today I Found Out and future “myths and misconception” articles will be posted on Today I Found Out, along with the normal “interesting fact”, This Day In History, etc. types of articles.

For those of you who never read the Misconception Junction articles, they are basically in the same format and style as Today I Found Out‘s articles, but dealing with dispelling myths and misconceptions.  So if you like Today I Found Out‘s articles, you’ll likely also enjoy the new Misconception Junction articles which will be showing up on Today I Found Out under “Articles -> Myths”.  There are about 100 or so of them which will be steadily added in that category over the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out if you’re interested and haven’t already read them.

If you subscribe to Misconception Junction by email / twitter / rss feed / etc. and would like to continue to do so, please unsubscribe to the current Misconception Junction feeds and subscribe to the equivalent Today I Found Out feed(s). Here are a couple quick links to help towards that end:

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